A Resident Oral History From Shady Hill Mobile Home Community

“I finally went to court and told the judge, “How can I help myself if you’re not willing to help me? Because every time you lock me up, you let me out the side of that gate, you don’t say, “Here goes some paperwork for you to do this. Here goes, some paperwork for you to get back up on your feet.” Nope! The guard- the officer will sit there and look at you as you’re leaving out. And once you close that gate, that’s it. Now, they ain’t got a problem picking you up and locking you up, but then when it’s time for you to get out, then you got a problem.” That’s why I said [to the judge], “I’m moving to Richmond. Because I can’t deal with Chesterfield. Chesterfield locks you up for any little thing that you do, any little thing, and any thing could be a mistake.”” (17:12 – 18:08)

Devin, 5/12/2023

Content Warning: These interviews contain strong language, and some listeners might be distressed by some of the topics that are discussed.

See the list beneath each video, or see the video description on YouTube, for more details.

This oral history was conducted on 1/6/2023, by Noah Dalbey, at Shady Hill Mobile Home Community in Chesterfield County, VA.
This oral history was conducted on 5/12/2023, by Noah Dalbey, at the Maisonettes Apartments in Chesterfield County, VA.
Click Here for Content Warning (5/12/2023)
  • (8:43 – 10:12) – Discussion of Drugs, Drug Addiction, and Overdosing
  • (17:04 – 22:50) – Discussion of Incarceration, and Incarceration Related Trauma
  • (22:51 – 26:48) – Discussion of Police Brutality, and Murder
  • (30:10 – 30:57) – Discussion of Domestic Violence
  • (26:53 – 27:00), (57:42 – 58:08) – References to Violence and Gun Violence

(More Transcripts coming soon)

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