Pat & Bee

A Double Oral History From 6-0-5 Mobile Home Village

Pat:  Why put all that money into these trailers when you could just barely live in it? Never mind fix it up.

Bee:  We’ve been having to struggle for a while, because of that.

Pat:  I was told, when I moved here, you got 30 days to figure out what is wrong with the trailer, and we will fix it. I wrote her [the property manager], I sent her pictures, and I didn’t even- She just stopped talking to me. She wouldn’t even answered me-

Bee:  All within the first week.

Pat:  She [Bee] even tried calling, and texting her, and tell her, “she needs this” or whatever.

Bee:  All within the first week.

Pat:  Three days after moving here, my ceiling fell in! And she goes, “Yeah, yeah yeah!” I took a picture and I sent it to her. It was the last time I ever heard from her.”

(39:53 – 40:46)

Pat & Bee, 8/2/2023

Bee:  [ I ] can’t walk a straight line, still can’t walk a straight line, still living in a lot of pain. I take over 40 pills a day. I ended up here because I couldn’t work, basically. I had to go on disability. I was working long enough to get on disability. I had to sue them to get on disability. I couldn’t find work like I was doing, you know, so I ended up here. I was very fortunate because it came with a good price. And when I started here in this trailer park, I was only paying $315 a month. And each year they’d raise it $10. And then they’d raised it $25, and it stayed at $25. And then these people come in! [Homes of America] I’m paying $450 a month, and they come in, and they raise me $180! In one month! And I’m like-

Q:  That’s illegal, right?

Bee:  Yeah!

Pat:  With no notice! No paper notice, no email, text, anything.”

(26:49 – 28:09)

Bee, 8/2/2023

Content Warning: This interview contain strong language, and some listeners might be distressed by some of the topics that are discussed.

See the list beneath each video, or see the video description on YouTube, for more details.

This oral history was conducted on 8/2/2023, by Gustavo Espinosa & Noah Dalbey, at 6-0-5 Mobile Home Village in Louisa County, VA.
Click Here for Content Warnings (8/2/2023)
  • (5:19 – 6:30) – Internalized xenophobia
  • (13:59 – 14:39) – Sibling abuse/violence, Children assaulting other children, and Adults assaulting children
  • (15:18 – 16:23) – Graphic description of a deadly motorcycle accident
  • (18:55 – 19:16) – Sibling abuse, fatphobia
  • (19:30 – 20:15) – Description of flirtatious activities
  • (22:14 – 23:05) – Alcoholism, and alcoholism related domestic violence and child abuse
  • (26:30 – 27:30) – Injury induced self-medication, Alcohol abuse, and Medical malpractice
  • (39:24 – 39:46) – Racism
  • (46:15 – 49:03) – Graphic description of a gastrointestinal condition
  • (47:04 – 48:30) – Workplace bullying, medical discrimination
  • (54:41 – 58:50) – Domestic violence/abuse, and child abuse/manipulation
  • (1:00:14 – 1:01:23) – Discussion of suicide and living with bipolar disorder
  • (1:12:44 – 1:14:14) – Discussion of 9/11/2001, and the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy
  • (1:16:42 – 1:17:25) – Sexual assault, depression, and discussion of a medical professional endangering a minor/sexual assault survivor
  • (1:22:20 – 1:25:30) – Discussion of previously illegal drugs, and drug related incarceration
  • (1:26:15 – 1:26:21) – Joke about sexual assault in prison

More about the situation at 6-0-5 MHV

Check out this Richmond Times Dispatch article, about the 6-0-5 community, and how it’s one of many manufactured home communities nation-wide being purchased and neglected by real estate private equity:

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