Board of Directors

Christie Marra, President

Director of Housing Advocacy, Virginia Poverty Law Center

Lee Householder, Vice President

CEO, project:HOMES

Joseph Ciszek

Staff Attorney, Suffolk Office of Virginia Legal Aid Society

Denise Crews

Director of Income and Asset Building Services, Commonwealth Catholic Charities

Kelly King Horne

Executive Director, Homeward

Nady Peralta

Attorney, Legal Aid Justice Center


Jonathan Knopf, vice president of HDAdvisors, serves as the Executive Director of MHCCV. In this role, he helps lead the organization in fulfilling its mission through policy, resource building, and networking.

Erica Sims, president of HDAdvisors, serves as Senior Real Estate Associate. In this role, she assists the organization in understanding the cost and other implications of potential real estate development transactions and assists in performing due diligence related to projects MHCCV is associated with.

Eric Mai, a senior associate at HDAdvisors, serves as Senior Community Revitalization Associate. In this role, he assists the organization in developing relationships with local government, park owners and residents, as well as organizations around Virginia interested in joining the Coalition.