MHCCV is here to help residents, advocates, housing providers, and decision-makers with the highest quality information about preserving manufactured home communities.

MHC 101: An Introduction to Manufactured Home Communities

Over 350,000 of our fellow Virginians live in manufactured homes. Many of those homes are the building blocks of manufactured home communities—otherwise known as mobile home parks. These neighborhoods can be just a small handful of homes on a small property, or hundreds of units in a master-planned community. They are found throughout the state, in our cities, suburbs, and rural neighborhoods.

Resident Resources

MHCCV has compiled the following resources for the benefit of Virginians living in manufactured homes across the commonwealth. Manufactured home owners and tenants are encouraged to check out the following resources.

  • I Want to Find Legal Assistance for Myself or My Community
  • I Want to Fix Problems with My Manufactured Home
  • I Want to Find General Resources
  • I Want to Organize a Community Education Training
  • Educational Information (Downloads)

Advocacy Resources

MHCCV aims to be a hub of information for advocates looking to empower manufactured home residents in Virginia. Please check out the following advocacy resources available to the public.

  • 2020 Symposium
  • Fact Sheet
  • Central Virginia Study
  • Non-Profit Community Ownership (under construction)
  • Park Sale Tracker (under construction)